Yellowhead County puts out Request For Proposals (RFP) and Tenders for various projects and services. Packages that list requirements for the RFPs and Tenders can be acquired by contacting the corresponding department.

Expenditure and Disbursement Policy 1200.03

Current RFPs & Tenders

Invitation To Tender: 2018 Winter Roadside Brushing

Project Description: Approximately 40 Hectares of Brushing along local roads within Yellowhead County.

Submission Deadline: 11:00 AM, January 31, 2018

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Invitation To Tender: 2018 Supply and Place Gravel

Project Description: Supply and place approx. 72,000 tonnes of crushed gravel aggregate over the next two (2) years for the Wolf Lake – Elk River Road Summer Gravel Program. Supply and place approx. 6,000 tonnes of crushed gravel over the next two (2) years for spot graveling the Wolf Lake – Elk River Roads.

Submission Deadline: 2:00 PM, February 8, 2018

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 Other tenders listed at:

Alberta Purchasing Connection

INVITATION TO TENDER---2017 Roadside Brushing

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