Edson IDP

Edson Urban Fringe Planning Now Underway

The Town of Edson and Yellowhead County are updating the Edson Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) for the area surrounding Edson.

DRAFT Edson Intermunicipal Development Plan

Comment Sheet

The Intermunicipal Development Plan is an agreement between the two municipalities and defines what will be allowed for future development in the area where the two municipalities meet, known as the Edson Fringe area. The resulting plan will be used to guide future growth and development within this area and along the future highway Edson bypass. 

The majority of the IDP lands are located within Yellowhead County. The current IDP was adopted in 2007 and is under review to comply with recent changes in the Municipal Government Act and to revise the Plan to address developments which have occurred since 2007.

Many of the policies in the 2007 IDP have been successfully incorporated in the Town of Edson and Yellowhead County Municipal Development Plans, Land Use Bylaws and/or Area Structure Plans. Any redundant policies will be removed from the updated IDP to create a more concise and readable document. The IDP will also be rearranged in order to simplify the Plan and have all associated maps updated to reflect the current state of development in the IDP area. The new Plan is considerably more concise, easier to understand and is organized to enhance its use.

The initial public Open House was held at the Galloway Museum on May 17th, 2017. Approximately 80 residents attended the presentation and participated in the Q&A. A second Open House to present the revised Intermunicipal Development Plan was held on August 16.

For more information, please contact:

Ann Dechambeau, Town of Edson, 780-723-4401

Brent Shepherd, Yellowhead County, 1-800-665-6030, or

Olga or Jim Lovatt, Lovatt Planning Consultants, 780 452- 8326 (Edmonton) or send an e-mail to


Communications & Social Media Policy


Social Media Policy No.: 1200.17



Policy Statement:
Yellowhead County's large geographic area makes communications to residents, industry and
travelers challenging. As such, Yellowhead County may use social media to communicate County
initiatives, goals and objectives or other pertinent information with the community and various

Yellowhead County has a business need to augment traditional communication methods with the
use of social media channels. Through social media, the County wishes to increase awareness of
municipal services and events, disseminate time-sensitive information quickly and to provide
additional means to gather community comments and perceptions regarding the County and its

1. "Social Media" means the umbrella terms that define the various activities that integrate
technology, social interaction and content creation. Social media uses technologies and
forms, including RSS and other syndicated web feeds, blogs, wikis, photo-sharing, video
sharing, podcasts, social bookmarking, mashups, widgets, virtual worlds, microblogs and
more. NOT all forms of social media may be appropriate for use by the County.

2. "Approved County Social Networking Site" refers to social networks that the County Chief
Administrative Officer has assessed and approved for use by County Departments.

Managerial Guidelines:
1) This policy applies to all County employees and approved volunteers providing services on
behalf of the County.


2) A County department's decision to embrace social media through an approved County Social
Networking Site shall be a risk-based business decision approved by the Department Head and
shall consider the department's mission and goals, audience, legal risks, technical capabilities
and potential benefits.

3) Department Heads or their designates are responsible for determining who is authorized to
use social media on behalf of the department, and for designating appropriate access levels.

4) Departments shall only utilize County approved social media networks for hosting official
County social media sites.

5) Departments are responsible for establishing and maintaining content posted to their social
media sites and shall have measures in place to prevent inappropriate or technically harmful
information and links.

6) The same standards, principles and guidelines that apply to County employees in the
performance of their assigned duties apply to employee social media technology use.

7) Comments containing any of the following shall not be allowed on County social media sites
and may be removed by Corporate Communications;
a) Comments not topically related to the particular site or article being commented on.
b) Profane language or content.
c) Content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, creed,
color, age, religion, gender, marital status, physical or mental disability or sexual
d) Sexual content or links to sexual content.
e) Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity.
f) Content related to non-County related sales, advertising or promotions.
g) Comments determined by the County to be a specific attack on groups or individuals or
to be inherently political in nature or cause.
h) Content that reveals personal or private information about any particular person or is
otherwise protected by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
i) Content that violates any County policy.
j) Content that is deemed to be inappropriate by the County's Corporate Communications

8) Documents and records generated as a result of this policy will be maintained in accordance
with the Yellowhead County record retention policy.




Yellowhead Regional Emergency Communication Centre

Yellowhead Regional Emergency Communication Center (YRECC) is a 9-1-1 Call answer centre with extensive experience and is well-positioned to provide critical service to citizens in the area of Emergency Response.

We believe our services will meet or exceed every requirement that a municipalities emergency services may require and we are well-positioned to provide this critical service to those regions.

YRECC has operated a 9-1-1 primary public safety answering point (PSAP) for 10 years and follows the newly initiated Alberta 9-1-1 Standards for call answer as well as being the first PSAP in the province to pilot the standard. 

YRECC Offers:

  • Experience in answering more than 100,000 9-1-1 calls since 2006.
  • Knowledge and ability to forecast and implement staffing levels for anticipated call volumes.
  • The ability to increase resources for answering 9-1-1 call during unplanned events.
  • A purpose built facility with extremely resilient operational technologies and electronic security, with back-up power and many other communication and facility redundancies.
  • Call-answer equipment and voice recording systems that are fully compatible with the TELUS network including many industry leading 9-1-1 call-distribution routing technology.
  • 24 hour management access.
  • Professional in-house training program with ongoing mentoring and staff development.
  • In-house voice records and a quality assurance program.
  • In house 24/7 I.T. support with the depth and breadth of experience to support mission-critical software across a variety of platforms to ensure continuity of service.

Sharon Devries

Invasive Weed of the Month

Tall Buttercup (Ranunculus acris)

What it is: A Noxious perennial. It can be found in moist to well drained soil. It has been found in many areas of the county.

How to identify it: Flowers are bright yellow with 5 petals, Leaves are arranged into 3 to 5 jagged lobes similar to that of fingers from a palm. Leaves and stems can be hairy.

How it Reproduces: Spreads by seed, which can be viable for 4 years.

Why is it a concern: It is toxic to livestock, out competes desired vegetation.

Prevention: Don’t overgraze; buy clean seed and feed.

Control Methods: Cultivation, Use appropriate herbicide, Hand pull if small abundance. Mowing is not recommended since Tall Buttercup can grow below the mow line and will continue to spread.

tall buttercup_flowers

tall buttercup_leaf



Contact Agricultural Services in the Wildwood Office1-800-814-3935 or 325-3782 or email

Welcome to our Backyard!

Sasquatch and Partners want to welcome all visitors to Yellowhead County. 


Keeping this area in its natural state benefits all of us, not only for us to enjoy, but also for our children and grandchildren to use and appreciate.

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Sasquatch  approved  recreation  tips:

  • Control your campfire and make sure it’s out when you leave.
  • Keep campsites at least 100 metres from oil and gas facilities.
  • Stay on existing trails with off-road vehicles and share the trails with all users. Horses, hikers, and mountain bikers.
  • Don’t disturb environmentally sensitive areas such as creeks, wetlands, trees, and shrubs.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Please pack out ALL garbage & recyclables.



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