Overlander Node

Overlander Area Structure Plan (ASP)

Overlander Landscape Overview

Project Introduction

Since the mid-1990s, the Provincial Government and Yellowhead County, have identified and refined several nodes that might have potential for commercial recreation and tourism development along the Yellowhead Highway Corridor.  The Overlander Node has been identified as a priority node that will first require an Area Structure Plan (ASP) to provide direction for future subdivision and development.

Matrix Planning Inc., on behalf of Yellowhead County and the Government of Alberta, will prepare the Overlander Area Structure Plan for an area of Crown Land located east of the Jasper Park boundary as shown in the map below.  This future land use plan will be in accordance with provincial policy to facilitate tourism and recreation opportunities along the Highway 16 Yellowhead Corridor.


Link to Overlander ASP Plan Area Boundary Map

A Steering Committee has been formed to help guide the Overlander ASP through the plan development process.  Representatives include Yellowhead County, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development and Alberta Tourism Parks and Recreation form this Steering Committee.

The steps in this project include a Public Meeting to introduce the project, gain public input, and identify issues and identify various appropriate land uses. The project team needs to determine what lands would be suitable for tourism and recreational development. During these early stages no plan has been developed and no land uses have been determined.


Public Meeting # 1

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
6:00p.m. - 9:15p.m.
Hinton Centre, 965 Switzer Drive 

Public Meeting and facilitated discussion between 7:00-9:15pm
Open House prior to the meeting; between 6:00-7:00pm

The purpose of this public meeting and interactive discussion was to introduce the project, project team, and planning process, present background research to date and have facilitated group discussions among members of the public to better understand project issues, discuss opportunities and constraints to development, and discuss potential land use types appropriate to the Overlander plan area. Some of the questions included:

    • What is the development potential for the area? Opportunities/ Constraints?
    • What types of land uses are suitable to the Overlander ASP area?

Following the Public Meeting, the project team will prepare draft land-use concepts. A second Public Meeting will be held in the late fall to allow the public to review and comment on these concepts.

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Powerpoint Presentation

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Meeting Summary Notes From Participants



Questions about the Overlander ASP? Contact Us:

Frank Liszczak, Matrix Planning Inc.
(403) 609-3797


Brent Shepherd, Planning Manager
Yellowhead County

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Subdivision of Land

Can I subdivide my land?

Municipal planning legislation provides the density, or the number of parcels, that may be subdivided from a quarter section or parcel of land. The Municipal Development Plan and the Land Use Bylaw are the two pieces of municipal planning legislation which regulate whether land can be subdivided. They also provide direction as to the size of the parcel that may be subdivided. This is done by applying land use districts to all lands within Yellowhead County.

If you are unsure about whether you can subdivide your land, or have a specific subdivision inquiry, the County Planning Department can respond to your inquiry. By providing us with some general information about your subdivision we should be able to tell you how your proposal would be reviewed under the current municipal planning legislation. A response at this stage is not a decision on your proposal, however, it will give you a better idea as to whether what you are proposing is possible under the current legislation or if you may have to try to amend the legislation.

How do I submit a subdivision application?

Subdivision Application Forms are available at the Yellowhead County office or you can print an application from this web page.

Please note that the County requires that an original signature of all registered landowners be provided on the application form. Faxed, duplicated or e-mailed signatures on the Subdivision Application Form will not be accepted.

Depending on how comfortable you are with the process of submitting a subdivision application, you may submit an application yourself or you may wish to have someone else represent you. The County can provide you with general information on subdividing your land but the County can not prepare the application for you. If you are seeking a professional to represent your application, you could contact an Alberta Land Surveyor or a professional Planner to represent you.

A subdivision can only be submitted with the authorization of all of the registered landowners of the existing titled area. Someone may still act at the authorized person on behalf of the landowner but all of the landowners must provide permission for the subdivision application to be submitted. A subdivision application must include a complete subdivision application form and a sketch of the plan of subdivision. Your sketch must include the location, dimensions and boundaries of the existing titled area and of each new lot to be created. It must show the location of all existing buildings and dimensions of each building. Any natural features that may be on the property such as a lake, sloughs or other water body, any treed areas, steep banks or ravines. You must also indicate any man-made features such as pipelines, oil or gas wells or sewage disposal systems.

Additional information may also be required depending upon the details of your subdivision application. If you are proposing a number of lots, for example, you may need to provide water and soil testing for the subdivision.

How long does it take?

The County has 60 days to provide a decision on most subdivision applications. Some applications, however, may require that the land use district of the land be amended in order for the application to be processed in which case the application will take more time.

What if I get refused or I don't agree with the decision?

You can appeal the decision of the subdivision authority by registering an appeal with the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Secretary. The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board or the Provincial Municipal Government Board will hear your appeal and may provide you with an alternate decision.

Information provided on these pages is intended to provide general information only. If you have a specific question regarding a subdivision application, please contact the Yellowhead County Planning Department. If you have a specific proposal in mind, the County can review the proposal and provide you with a letter of how your proposal would be reviewed under the current planning legislation.

To download subdivision application forms, please view our Forms and Applications

For more information on subdivision, please have a look at our Guide to Subdividing 

Should you have any questions regarding subdivision, please contact the Yellowhead County Planning Department at 780-723-4800 (phone) or 780-723-5066 (fax) or e-mail planninginfo@yellowheadcounty.ab.ca.

Amendments To Land Use Bylaw


Bylaw 10.18 NE 23-54-10-W5 RD- Rural District to RU - Recreational Use District

Bylaw 12.18 SW 36-53-17-W5 RD - Rural District to CR - Country Residential District

Bylaw 17.17 PT - 08-54-16-W5 RD-Rural District to CR-County Residential District

Bylaw 04.18 LC - Landfill & Composting District March 13, 2018


Bylaw 14.17 SW 27-53-10-W5 RD - Rural District to CR(L) County Residential Limited District

Bylaw 06.17 PT  SE 06-53-19-W5 RD - Rural District to Recreational Use District

Bylaw 07.17 PT NW 19-53-16-W5 RD - Rural District to CR  Country Resideintial District 27-Jun-17

Bylaw 08.17 PT NE 10-53-18-W5 Plan 022-2845, BLk 3, Lot 1 RD- Rural District to RI - Rural Industrial District 

Bylaw 11.17 Plan 122-2207, Blk 1, Lot 12 PT SW 31-53-12-W5



Bylaw 02.15 PT SW 31-53-12-W5 Rd –Rural District to RI – Rural Industrial District

Bylaw 13.16 PT NW 32-52-17-W5 RD – Rural District to CR – Country Residential District

Bylaw 14.16 Plan 5741RS, Lot 1 PT NE 26-53-12-W5 from RD – Rural District to RU Recreational Use District

Bylaw 06.16 NE 31-55-15-W5 RD – Rural District to CR – County Residential District

Bylaw  09 16 to Amend PT SW 31-53-12-W5 from HR - Hamlet Residential to HC - Hamlet Commercial 28-Jun-16

Bylaw 05.16 PT SW 19-53-07-W5 from RD – Rural District to RI – Rural Industrial District



Bylaw 27.15 for PT NE 34-52-20-W5 Forestry District to RI–Rural Industrial District

Bylaw 24.15 Plan 792-1188, Lot 4 PT SE 15-49-21-W5 in Robb Hamlet Residential (Robb) District HR(R) to Public Institutional District (PI)

Bylaw 23.15 Plan 0728026, Blk 2, Lot 1 PT SW 13-53-18-W5 Rural District – RD to Business Commercial / Light Industrial District

Bylaw 19.14 NE 24-53-17-W5 (RD) Rural District to (RI) Rural District

Bylaw 06.15 Rural District RD – to Rural Industrial RI SE 13-54-15-W5


18.14 Amending sections 87,113,118,119,122 Appendix A & B Communications Towers

17.14 PT NE 5-54-14-W5 from RD – Rural District to CR – County Residential District

14 14 Bylaw Rd - Rural District to CR - County Residential

13.14 Bylaw Amendment NW 08-53-12-W5 Plan 112-5238, Block 1, Lot 1 

11.14 Bylaw Amendment  NE 11-53-18-W5

10.14 Bylaw to Amend 16 13 Section 21 - Notification

07.14 Bylaw RD - Rural District to RI  Rural Industrial District



30.13 Bylaw Amendment 165318SE Plan 9923390, Blk 2, Lot 1

Land Use Bylaw Technical Amendment

Planning & Development Fees

Yellowhead County Complete Schedule of Fees

Schedule "A"
Schedule of Development and Subdivision Fees

Residential Development Permit Application $75.00
Residential Development without a Permit DOUBLE THE FEE
Commercial/Industrial/Other Development Permit Application $200.00
Commercial Development without a Permit DOUBLE THE FEE
Commercial Development Permit Application
          Home-Based Business (Home Occupation)
Commerical Home-Based Business without a Permit DOUBLE THE FEE
Amendment to Land Use Bylaw $400.00
Compliance Letter
          No site inspection required (Real Property Report provided)
          Where site inspection is required
Development Appeals $300.00
Road Closures Application
Permit Renewals (Extensions) No charge

Rural Address Sign-Where the property does not have a Rural Address Sign and requires a Rural Address Sign by Bylaw

$90.00 per sign, in addition to any other Fee required by this or other bylaw
Rural Address Sign-Where the property does not have a Rural Address Sign and the landowner requests installation of Rural Address Sign, even though a sign is not required by Bylaw $90.00 per sign
Application Base Fee $425.00
Application Fee per newly created lot $50.00
Endorsement fee per lot prior to registration $50.00
Subdivision Approval Extension $150.00
Subdivision Appeals $300.00
Rural Address Sign-Where Subdivision Plan Sign (2.5m x 1.2m) required by Bylaw $3000.00 per sign in addition to all other fees required, payable at endorsement stage
Rural Address Sign-Where Subdivision Lot Sign required by Bylaw (1 sign required per lot created, including residual) $45.00 per sign in addition to all other fees required, payable at endorsement stage
Rural Address Sign-Where Small Subdivision Sign required by Bylaw $425.00 per sign in addition to all other fees required payable at endorsement stage
Application to adopt Area Structure Plan $1,500.00 - 50% refund will be provided if item does not progress to 1st reading
Applicatoin to adopt Conceptual Plan $1,000.00 - 50% refund will be provided if item does not progress to 1st reading
Application to Amend Statutory Plan $400.00


Land Use Planning; MDP LUB & LUB Maps

The Planning Department deals with various applications associated with development and subdivision. Planning for future development in the municipality helps to create a safe and efficient community.

Guides and Applications related to development and planning within Yellowhead County are available for download in a PDF format.

The department provides planning services to enhance and support quality of life to all in our community. We strive to provide quality customer services to residents, developers, builders, Council and others involved in the planning, design and development of our community.

The Planning Department provides services relating to the following six major areas:

  1. Development
  2. Subdivision
  3. Planning – Area Planning and Redistricting
  4. Road Crossings/Energy Utility Board/Provincial Referrals
  5. Road Closures
  6. Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

Municipal Development Plan (Click on the township and range in the Location Map to find the area you are interested in.)

Land Use Bylaw (LUB) 2013 

Land Use Bylaw Maps 

Land Use Bylaw Technical Amendment

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