12 July 2019

Council Highlights July 9, 2019

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Council Highlights July 9, 2019

CAPP Presentation – Titan Farms – LAWIR Business Plan – Invite to MLAs –Emergency Spring Repairs – Grading Tender – Communications Tower Tender –LARB Chair Appointment

CAPP Presentation – CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers) gave an overview of their organization’s future predictions of oil and gas and other non-renewable and renewable energy sector nationally and globally. Developing countries require increased oil and gas that Canada has available to export but is facing issues delivering them to market. Canada is also facing increased competition from US production.

Titan Farms – Presented a plan “cradle to grave” process where water leaving the site would be in better condition than when it entered. Looking to deliver a height quality compost byproduct as opposed to an unusable waste product using natural systems. Working with legislation and provincial regulatory agencies to develop this process and byproduct.

LAWIR Business Plan – Council did not support a motion at the request for LAWIR, a nonprofit organization, to sign a business plan confidentiality agreement.

Invite to MLAs – An Invitation will be sent to the local MLAs to visit Community Services offices in Wildwood for a tour of the facility and an overview of all the services offered out of that location.

Emergency Spring Repairs – Council approved the transfer of $300,000 from the County's general emergent reserve to cover the emergency maintenance repairs on the Wolf Lake Rd and Elk River Rd. By choosing this option the County's current level of service for roadways would not change for the remainder of the year.

Grading Tender – Council awarded the tender for Long Lake Rd and Rosevear Rd.- Selective Grading, Drainage Repairs and Other Works to Northern Road Builders LP in the amount of $2,263,330.87. This option will allow this project to proceed in 2019.

Communications Tower Tender – Council award the tender for the YH-8 Edson Communication tower build to True North Towers at a cost of $649,029.00 dollars

LARB Chair Appointment – Council appointed Sandra Cherniawsky as Chair of the Local Assessment Review Board.

The next Council Meeting is July 23, 2019. The next Governance & Priorities Committee Meeting is July 16, 2019. All meetings start at 9:30 a.m. in the Council Chambers.

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