15 October 2018

Council Highlights October 9, 2018

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Council Highlights October 9, 2018

Public Hearing for Wildwood ASP / Land Use Bylaw Amendment / Pine Beetle Federal Funding Request / Bridge Maintenance Contract / County Transfer Stations Contract / Clubroot of Brassicaceae Policy / Parkland Inter-Municipal Development Plan

Public Hearing for Wildwood ASP Amendment – A Public Hearing was held for Bylaw 16.18, to amend Bylaw 9.05, the Wildwood Area Structure Plan (ASP), in regards to a landowner’s request to amend the ASP to accommodate an Overhead Door Manufacturing Facility (within a parcel located at the west end of Wildwood). The company anticipates the employment of some 30 people when fully operational.

Land Use Bylaw Amendment – A Public Hearing was held for Bylaw 17.18, to amend Land Use Bylaw 16.13 from Hamlet Commercial (HC) to Hamlet Industrial (HI) in support of an Overhead Door Manufacturing Facility (as referenced above).

Pine Beetle Federal Funding Request – Council is endorsing a letter of support in seeking additional Federal funding for the province in its fight against the Mountain Pine Beetle. Alberta is preparing a five-year, $100 million federal funding request to help manage the spread and destruction of the beetle. The spread of the MPB has a significant impact on local economic drivers and increases the risk of wildfire in the region.

Bridge Maintenance Contract – Council accepted a $458,200 tender from Formula Alberta for bridgework to be done at several tributaries along the Lobstick, Mcleod, and Pembina rivers. The work includes concrete repairs, pile realignment, wing and back wall repairs, pile banding, strutting and erosion control.

County Transfer Stations Contract – Council awarded the tender for the County’s transfer station’s operations and sewer lagoon supervision to GFL. The tender is a five-year contract in the amount of $105,231 per month for transfer site operations and $92.50 per load for sewage lagoon supervision.

Clubroot of Brassicaceae Policy – A revised Clubroot policy adopted by Council lowers the time restriction from four years to three years for re-seeding a Brassicaceae species (Canola) after a notice has been issued. The changes to the County’s policy now reflect Alberta’s Best Management Practice for dealing with Clubroot of Brassicaceae.

Parkland IDP Bylaw 18.18 First Reading – Municipalities in Alberta are required to complete Intermunicipal Development Plans (IDP) where two municipalities share a border. The Yellowhead/Parkland IDP covers an area 800m from the top of the bank of the Pembina River and extends into the two hamlets of Evansburg and Entwistle. The IDP includes Land Use Policies; Hamlet Service Area Policies; Transportation and Infrastructure Policies; Economic and Social Developments Policies; and Environmental Policies.


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