22 August 2017

County Residents Urged Not to Attack Sasquatch on Sight

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County Residents Urged Not to Attack Sasquatch on Sight

This year in May, Sasquatch sightings around the County increased—that is, sightings of signs bearing beloved County mascot, Sasky the Sasquatch. Sasky’s mission around the county is to educate visitors and residents about keeping Yellowhead County’s natural areas pristine. The signage also includes tips on how to enjoy the outdoors in a manner that is safe and respectful both to the wildlife and other visitors/locals.

Yellowhead County’s “Welcome to our Backyard” signs are meant to encourage visitors and residents to keep the County’s natural areas clean and provide a landmark for County Protective Services to assist in emergencies. Please do not vandalize or damage the signs.
The signs serve as a rescue assistance tool—meaning that if they are damaged and/or vandalized, those in an emergency situation may go without an additional safety precaution.

Each sign is numbered, and anyone needing help on the river (where the signs are posted) can reference the last numerical sign they saw if they need to call 9-1-1 for help. That number will give first responders a better idea of where they are stranded on the river and help to reduce the time for first responders to locate the source of the distress call.

The County urges visitors and residents to respect the signage, as they may be important to someone needing emergency aid. The signs also represent the County’s commitment to keeping our backyard clean and making sure that visitors leave our wilderness just as they found it.

If you see someone damaging or vandalizing a sign, or to report a damaged or vandalized sign, please call 780-723-4800 or 1-800-665-6030.

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