26 January 2018

Hazardous Driving Results in Damage to Fire Truck

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Hazardous Driving Results in Damage to Fire Truck

Experience, knowledge of the area, and urgency are no excuse for not driving to winter conditions on Alberta roads and highways. A Yellowhead County fire truck was hit by a passenger vehicle on Highway 16 resulting in injury to the driver of the motor vehicle.


At approximately 3:00 PM on Thursday, January 25, 2018, Yellowhead County Emergency Services responded to calls of several vehicles that had lost control approximately 5 kilometres east of Edson due to extreme weather conditions.

Yellowhead County firefighters and other emergency responders were on the highway assisting with numerous vehicle incidents caused by dangerous road conditions. Responders became aware of an out-of-control vehicle which struck a semi-truck, flipped onto its side and continued to travel overturned at full highway speed before hitting the rear of one of the County fire trucks. 

A quick-thinking Yellowhead County firefighter managed to reduce the impact of the collision by accelerating the fire tanker. Although the vehicle that hit the semi and fire truck was severely damaged and its driver was injured, the training of the Yellowhead County firefighter and her quick reaction likely prevented a loss of life in this incident.

At the first sign of road conditions that may affect normal driving, drivers are reminded to slow down and drive cautiously. When there is an accident and first-responders and other emergency crews are on scene, it is even more critical that drivers drastically reduce speed if needed and follow the directions of first-responders and road crews.

Not driving according to changing road conditions can lead to vehicle and property damage, and injury or fatality to first-responders and all others on the road.


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