17 May 2018

Rope Rescue and Embankment Training for Firefighters

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Rope Rescue and Embankment Training for Firefighters

Hikers, oil and gas workers, canoers, and other recreational users and industry workers who find themselves stuck in a bad situation now have an extra lifeline to help get them out.



There’s more to Yellowhead County’s Fire Department (YCFD) than just firefighting – both casual and paid-on-call firefighters are trained in vehicle extraction, heavy rescue training, first-aid, and now there are several who have embankment training under their belt.

Last week, several YCFD firefighters worked under various weather conditions during some hands-on training with Pro Rescue Services out of Edmonton. Instructor and company president Bruce Dreany shared his experience and expertise in rope rescue training with the YCFD firefighters.

With an emphasis on safety for both the rescuers and the people being rescued, combined with learning from experience, the group of trainees came away with a wealth of new skills that are an asset to both Yellowhead County residents as well people working or recreating in the region.

Dreany uses learning opportunities to teach the firefighters how to think on their feet and how to respond to situations that they may come up against that may not have been part of the plan.

During the training, the firefighters realized that they underestimated the length of the rope they needed and instead of letting them run back to the nearby training vehicle, Dreany used the scenario to replicate a rope rescue where the rescue location was theoretically a far distance from their vehicles with the longer rope they needed. The firefighters were able to problem solve the situation and come up with a safe and efficient solution that utilized the equipment they had on hand, and as a result, successfully rescue the firefighter located down the steep bank.

While trying to place the firefighters in situations that they might find themselves in, Dreany emphasizes that the rescuers first priority is safety, whether they are in training or a real rescue.
With such a large area that the Yellowhead County Fire Department covers for rescue situations, these new skills will likely prove to be an invaluable resource for YCFD firefighters.


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