11 July 2019

Recent Flooding: Here's What Happened...

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Recent Flooding: Here's What Happened...

Severe flooding followed the heavy rains throughout several areas of the County this past week, resulting in temporary road closures and damage to infrastructure. Crews are working to repair damaged roads, debris such as log jams in rivers at chokepoints and bridges.



** Important information for residents affected by the flood. **

In the event of damage caused by extraordinary conditions, the Government of Alberta may provide financial assistance to municipalities, small businesses and individuals through a Disaster Recovery Program (DRP).

DRPs assist with uninsurable losses and are intended to assist in restoring the basic essentials of life and community services. More info here.


Over the past several years, Yellowhead County has experienced flooding issues in several areas of the County due to extreme weather conditions that affected bridges and roads, resulting in significant repairs and replacement of bridges and culverts.

It is undetermined how many properties were impacted, but approximately 25 residences were affected.

There was no evacuation during this incident. Several residents sheltered in place but were free to leave their property. Yellowhead County opened a reception centre in Peers to accommodate any residents that were kept from accessing their property during the flooding due to road or bridge closures caused by the flooding. Fortunately, no residents needed to utilize the reception centre while it was open.

Residents’ safety was our primary concern during this flood. Yellowhead County Protective & Emergency Services went door to door in the areas impacted by the flooding to ensure the safety of the residents. Barriers were placed on roadways where there were damaged or flooded roads or bridges. Messages were put out on Alberta Emergency Alert, the local media, and on social media sharing details about the emergency and reminding residents to be cautious if travelling in these areas and to take caution when entering their property or residences.

A localized State of Local Emergency was declared by Yellowhead County. When a State of Local Emergency (SOLE) is declared, it is in place for seven days unless it is withdrawn earlier or extended past that date. A SOLE, as mandated by the Alberta Emergency Management Act, gives a municipality extraordinary powers to help prevent, combat or alleviate the effects of an emergency or disaster.

Floodwaters began to recede on July 10, 2019, but the excess water continues to move along its natural courses and compounds as it collects into these areas. Residents in these areas are reminded to be cautious around any overland flooding.

Yellowhead County has continued to receive reports of areas and infrastructure impacted by the flood. Crews are working to repair damaged roads, debris such as log jams in rivers at chokepoints and bridges. County staff continue to monitor the area to determine whether we have more issues.

From this point forward, the County will continue to assess for damage and repair infrastructure as required. A full assessment is being compiled by the County to determine the extent of the damage caused by the flooding.

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