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Hornbeck Trails - Muskeg Flyers Nordic Ski Club
15 km NW of Edson


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Hornbeck Trails conditions January 11, 2019: 

We have received almost 30 cms of new snow in the past week.  The Hornbeck Trails have been groomed and track set again this morning.  Conditions are great for skating and classical skiing.

Marsh Hoke, Trails Chair
Muskeg Flyers Nordic Ski Club

 Directions can be found here.

Nordic Lookout Center:

Silver Summit Ski Hill:


The Hornbeck Trails are mostly snow-covered, and we have received a couple of centimeters of new snow over the past 24 hours.  A bridge on the trails, on the Lambert Road 1/2 km from the trailhead, was replaced yesterday.  The trails around the bridge are rough from heavy equipment activity, and skiers should approach with caution and take their skis off to cross it.  Otherwise, the trails are mostly skiable although not groomed and trackset since two weeks ago.  With the warm weather, bare spots are starting to spread across the trails in places – watch out for them.  The parking lot will be locked, but there is room to park three or four vehicles outside the gate.  No more grooming is planned.

Outdoor Fun


There are two main trails in the Edson area – one that goes north to Silver Summit Ski Hill and another that heads down south to Robb. With the hilly slopes and dense forest in Yellowhead County, snowmobiling is truly at its best.

Want a chance to ride in the Rockies? The riding areas in Cadomin have been winning Snoriders Magazine Rider's Choice Awards including:

  • GOLD for Favourite Scenic Snowmobiling Area in Alberta
  • GOLD for Favourite Mountain Riding Area in Alberta
  • SILVER for Most Challenging Riding Area in Alberta

For more information on the trails around the Edson and Hinton area please contact: Wayne Iwaschuk - Edson Sno-Seekers Club: 780-723-4042 or Bill Marlow - Hinton Mountain Riders: 780-865-7380.


Yellowhead County boasts some of the best off-road trails in the province.  Whether it be summer or winter, the beauty of the trail is always there and ready for use.  Since its formation, the Edson ATV Club has  proven to be very active in trail maintenance, rally's and promotion of off-road quadding. More information regarding the club can be received by contacting them directly.


Whether you've never golfed before, or are a pro golfer, Pembina Valley Golf Course is one course you can't refuse to miss. Opened in the early sixties, this nine hole golf course boasts new greens, a fully licensed club house, power carts and is in the process of installing new tee boxes.
And don't be shy about stopping in at the Edson Golf Course if you're in town. With a full 18-hole course and newly developed driving range, it's enough to keep you swinging the whole day!


Challenging the rapids or paddling quietly across a lake - you can do both in Yellowhead County. A can't-miss river is the McLeod. One can hop on anyplace-a good place is Wilmore Park, where there's a little launch. One can go down river from here to the new bridge by Highway 16. Be sure to have arrangements to be picked-up after your trip.

Rock Climbing

The area surrounding Yellowhead County has numerous sites that are awesome for climbing. A good one to try is just west of Brule – Ogre Canyon. This is a good intermediate hiking trail.


**Ski & trail report updates here**

Hornbeck Trails

The Hornbeck Trails span a total distance of 37.4 km. Located only 15 km west of Edson, this area offers superb cross-country ski trails. This is a very well maintained trail system thanks to the "Muskeg Flyers" Ski Club.

The Muskeg Flyers offer an active Jackrabbit group that offers lessons for ages 4 & up, and cookies and hot chocolate get-together for all ages that both happen every Sunday from 1:00-2:00 p.m. at the warm-up shelter.

Whether you are just beginning, or are an advanced skier/hiker, these trails are sure to please all. For more information on the Hornbeck Trails or the Muskeg Flyers contact Vivian Williams at 780-712-1906.

 The directions are:

  • Proceed west on Highway 16 from Edson about 6 kms, to Range Road 183 (at the Branch Corner).  There will be a blue sign with white lettering directing you to the “Hornbeck Forest Recreation Area” with a cross country skier symbol.
  • Go north (right) on Range Road 183 (paved) about 6 kms to its end at a T-intersection.
  • Follow the cross country skier sign west (left) on Township Road 534 (gravel) for about 1.5 kms to its end at a T-intersction.
  • Follow the cross country skier sign north (right) on Range Road 184 (gravel) for about 1 km.
  • The Hornbeck Trails parking lot is on your left.

Happy Trails!

Athabasca Lookout & Nordic Centre

The Nordic Lookout Center contains over 2,400 acres and boasts 35 km of expertly groomed world-class trails. The Centre also includes a biathlon range, two large training grids, a telemark hill, small ski jump, two shelters, and a 1.5 km luge run.

As well, there is 1.5 km of trail that is lit up at night for those adventurous night skiers/hikers. The club has an active Jackrabbit program for both cross-country skiers and biathletes. Day ski passes can be purchased at the self registration kiosk at the lodge.

For more information contact Doug at 780-865-5622 or Mark 780-865-1929 or visit

Silver Summit

With great elevation, over a thousand foot vertical drop, a north east exposure and over 10 feet of snow on average annually. Together it creates excellent conditions from early December to late April making Silver Summit a favorite destination for many residents and visitors to Yellowhead County and the surrounding areas.

With a 17,000 sq ft lodge that houses 22 hostel style rooms sleeping up to 8, and central washrooms and showers, and a full service cafeteria and lounge Silver Summit can accommodate a large amount of people while charging minimal prices.

With a remote, yet close to Edson, location Silver Summit offers a wide variety of options for winter enthusiasts. The area is located in a central location on an immense snow machine trail network that links up with Edson, Silver Summit and Fox Creek.

More information can be found at or by calling 780-447-4476.

Lakes and Rivers

Fickle Lake
Chip Lake
Athabasca River
McLeod River
Sundance Lakes
Emerson Lakes
Obed Lake

Fickle Lake

The peaceful water of Fickle Lake is situated southwest of Edson. With Whitefish, Pike, Perch, and Walleye in its water, it makes for a superb fishing spot. A one hour interpretive hike southeast of the lake leads to an old trapper’s cabin – Elkoff's Cabin.

Chip Lake

Chip Lake is a bird watcher’s paradise. Located on a flight path, this lake hosts everything from waterfowl, and osprey, to the occasional eagle. There is a campground located at the lake so you can stay for as long as you like! With an entertaining playground for the kids, and lots of green open space, there's definite potential for fun!

Athabasca River

The Athabasca River is the longest river in Yellowhead County. Approximately 1231 km long, starting in Jasper National Park this river flows northeast and eventually empties into Lake Athabasca. The Athabasca River hosts numerous types of fish, including Mountain Whitefish, Native Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Perch, Arctic Grayling, Bull Trout, Brown Trout, Golden Eye and more! It's a popular river with hunters, as they use jet-boats to travel along the river to their secret hunting spots.

McLeod River

Starting off in Cadomin, the McLeod River flows into the Athabasca River (the waters of the McLeod eventually making their way to the Arctic Ocean via Lake Athabasca, and Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories.)
Featuring Mountain Whitfish, Native Rainbow Trout, Bull Trout, Pike and Walleye, the river is a wonder fishing hole. The McLeod is also a great place for canoeing and kayaking. Rapids are fairly mild, however one must watch out for rocks and shallow water. It's a good place to use an old, reliable canoe that doesn't mind a few bumps and bruises. One can easily access the river from Willmore Park, where there's a lovely little launch. A good place to finish the trip is beside the bridge off of Highway 16 east. This trip will take around two to three hours.

Sundance Lakes

These three serene lakes will stun ones' eyes with their magnificent beauty. The lakes can be viewed from a number of locations, however one of the best views comes from following the Wild Sculpture Trail – which also showcases the Hoodoos! Following this trail for about 1.5 km will lead you to the top of the Hoodoos, where the great lakes can be taken in.

Emerson Lakes

The five remote lakes that make up Emerson Lakes are huddled together, resulting in a spectacular blue-green view. Located 64 km northwest of Edson on Highway 748N, the lakes are a hikers' dream. With lush trails, and a stunning view, this hike takes you around three of the six lakes - about seven kilometers total. With lakeside day-use areas, and camping stalls just feet from the lake, this is one place definitely worth the drive. Calm and soothing, these lakes allow one to feel at ease with oneself and close to nature. With day-use sites right off the lake and picturesque campsites just a few steps away it's hard to leave this quaint area.

Obed Lake

This deep lake has Brown Trout and piles of Perch. Located halfway between Edson and Hinton, Obed Lake is an excellent place to practice canoe and kayak skills. And after a little fishing, one can sit back and relax around the fire, as campsites-for day or overnight use are located just off the lake.

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